xCEO on the Binance Smart Chain

Automatic passive income by holding xCeo

Welcome to xCeo. We are a unified collective and community that is for protecting the good, privacy, and freedom of humanity xCeo.


xCeo partners

What is xCEO

We provide passive income to all our CEOs (holders)

Simply hold xCeo tokens and gain passive income in the form of USDT on the Binance Smart Chain.


USDT Rewards

Earn USDT by simply holding xCeo tokens.

Safe Contract

Our smart contract is audited by Coinsult, and 100% safe.

Presale on PinkSale

Our presale is held on PinkSale, after the fairlaunch we launch on PancakeSwap.

Marketing Fee

A small percentage of sales will go towards the marketing campaign.

The future


  • Phase 1

    – Finding the perfect concept
    – Creating the website
    – Creating the contract
    – Smart Contract Audit by Coinsult
    – Deployment on BSC

  • Phase 2

    – Creating a community
    – Marketing campaign
    – Pinksale Fair Launch
    – Partnerships with major influencers

  • Phase 3

    – Launch on PancakeSwap
    – Major Marketing Campaign
    – Listing on CMC & Coingecko
    – Asia Marketing
    – CEX Listings

xCEO has potential

Why xCeo will pump

xCeo has some aspects that it’s competitors don’t. We will have a huge marketing campaign, we will be trending on launch and the ownership will be renounced on launch.

Huge Marketing

After launch, we will do a lot of marketing to make sure everyone will know about xCeo.

Trending on Launch

After launch, a lot of websites will show xCeo as trending, (already booked).

Ownership Renounced

After launch, the ownership will be renounced immedeatly. No centralization risks.

"When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor."